July 13, 2016

Dips & Ulpa | Kenton Mandir | Hindu Engagement | North West London Photographer | Olivinestudios

Last year I had the opportunity to document my good friends Dipesh & Ulpa’s engagement (Chandlo).

The event was held at the Kenton Mandir in Harrow.This is a very popular venue for engagements and for weddings.
The venue and mandap was beautifully decorated by the guys at OmCreatives.If you are planning your wedding then get in touch with these guys. They cater for all asian weddings and events.
After capturing the ceremony at Kenton mandir we went onto shoot some portraits, and what a beautiful day it was for it as well. The blue skies, the sun and a super cool couple.
If you are looking for an asian wedding photographer then get in touch through my contact page.
Enjoy the images.




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